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Rest that mouse finger!

Besides dictating speech, Microsoft’s speech recognition seeks to help users “get around” their computer.  Unfortunately, special commands can be easily forgotten or sometimes too laborious to say.  So I simply remember one phrase, click that. Read the rest of this entry »


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Spring trip to the University of Washington

The Quad

On the first day of spring this year Carla and I traveled to the campus of the University of Washington my alma mater.  The quad is always a sight to behold with its beautiful cherry blossoms aligning the brick walkways.  Unfortunately, we were a few weeks early to see them in bloom but it was great to be back nonetheless.  Although I’ve walked these footpaths 1000 times, it still seemed fresh and new.


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Zune Update

ipod-touch-1After a lot of thought I went ahead and purchased an iPod touch.  What pushed me over the edge?  Mainly it was the wireless technology.  Although the iPod touch doesn’t have nearly the space the Zune does, with a little work I can manage the media on the iPod.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Right Hand Update

I received my cortisone shot one week ago in my right hand directly into my first knuckle.  The soreness and swelling have gone away but it still feels the same.  Mostly my index finger and knuckle still ache.  When I squeeze my hand the knuckle of my index finger feels like it could burst like a water pipe in winter.  This has been there for years, I don’t think it’s gonna go away now.  Next week we’ll try my left hand and see if that helps it at all.

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Using the Military Alphabet

abc_blocks If you’re going to use speech recognition I’ve found you need to know the military alphabet.  When having to spell something for the computer such as the word “computer” using the standard method, “see oh em pee you tea ee are”, speech recognition often gets confused.  It can confuse the letter B with the letter D, the letter C with a letter E, etc.  Instead I use the military alphabet which speech recognition understands. Read the rest of this entry »

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Working with Internet Explorer’s Tabs

ie_logo This post will explore how to work with multiple tabs in IE

New tab – presumably this will create a new tab.  Instead, it allows the user the choice of 1) pressing the search button in the default search field or 2) creating a new tab.  Well clearly a bug, it still only takes two steps to create a new tab.

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Fun with Speech Recognition 3

Ok, I finally figured out how to use flip 3-D.  Manually, one types “WinKey + tab” where WinKey is the windows key.  So in the spirit of the “alt+tab” feature we simply add the ctl key.  Flip 3-D is activated using:

press ctl + WinKey+tab

Then simply say tab to cycle through the windows.

note this has stopped working for me.  It’s now turning speech recognition on and off which apparently is done via the following command


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