zuneI need a new hard drive based mp3 player. I sold my fifth generation iPod classic (video iPod) last December. I had hoped that I would soon be getting the 32 GB iPod touch but I chickened out. I can’t bring myself to pay $400 for a handheld device. I can get a new 120 GB Zune for $210 which is reasonable. It certainly can’t do all the things the iPod can do, but it’s got a huge hard drive and I can fill it with the media recorded on Windows Media Center. Also it appears I can sell the Zune for around $200 on eBay so I don’t stand to lose too much money if I change my mind. The final thing that is holding me back however, is my tendonitis; It can be more difficult than you would think to press “actual” buttons. With the iPod, I need only touch the screen which can really save my hands. What shall I do?


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  1. TomW said

    “What shall I do?”

    Wait until you get your free Zune? 🙂

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