Working with Internet Explorer’s Tabs

ie_logo This post will explore how to work with multiple tabs in IE

New tab – presumably this will create a new tab.  Instead, it allows the user the choice of 1) pressing the search button in the default search field or 2) creating a new tab.  Well clearly a bug, it still only takes two steps to create a new tab.

Close tab – just as it sounds this command will close the current tab.  Don’t get confused it with the command to close Internet explorer itself which is simply close.

Press [shift] ctrl tab – this command will cycle through Internet Explorer’s tabs right to left or left to right.

Title of tab – simply say the title of the tab to switch to it.

Quick tabs – this will invoke the quick tabs feature of IE.  Afterwards, simply say the title of the tab you wish to switch to.

To move the order of the tabs you will have to use the mouse grid command.  To do so say the command mousegrid.  "Dial in" to the tab you want to move and say mark.  Then dial in to the place you want to tab to reside and say click.  You have to be a little experienced with the mousegrid command and it’s a little laborious but it does the job.


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