Spring trip to the University of Washington

The Quad

On the first day of spring this year Carla and I traveled to the campus of the University of Washington my alma mater.  The quad is always a sight to behold with its beautiful cherry blossoms aligning the brick walkways.  Unfortunately, we were a few weeks early to see them in bloom but it was great to be back nonetheless.  Although I’ve walked these footpaths 1000 times, it still seemed fresh and new.


McMahon Hall

I lived in McMahon hall for three years in the same dorm room.  The site of this dorm still seems oddly familiar to me.  I watched students walk to and from class each rainy day from my second story window.  Those were the days…



Mary Gates Hall

My first year as a physics student Mary Gates Hall was the physics building.  Starting in late 1994, the building was closed for renovation.  On the inside, the building was expanded to include this great reading room.  You can still see the original exterior of the building on one side.  I always loved the outside facade of this building.  It has a medieval castle like structure.  Even though I only spent my freshman physics years in this building it still brings back countless memories.



Physics Astronomy Building (PAB)

The majority of my physics and astronomy years were spent in this complex.  Opened in the mid nineties it was modern, spacious, and even had a little café called that “h-bar” from which I often bought a fresh scone.



All in all, my trip to the UW was a great nostalgic get away.


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