Rest that mouse finger!

Besides dictating speech, Microsoft’s speech recognition seeks to help users “get around” their computer.  Unfortunately, special commands can be easily forgotten or sometimes too laborious to say.  So I simply remember one phrase, click that.

Simply position the mouse pointer where desired and say click that to simulate a left mouse click.  You can also use double click that or right click that.  It’s especially helpful when using IE to surf the web.  Often, reading a link can be exhausting – a simple two word command can save your finger as well as your voice!



  1. Sara g. said

    yeah… I have continuing hand problems. I found a fantastic speech recognition application that is Free to Download and is easier to use than Microsoft Speech recognition. The name is Tazti Speech Recognition by Voice Tech Group and it’s a free download from . It lets you easily create your own speech commands for internet sites, it lets you control iTunes by talking, and lets you perform voice searches of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia Amazon, Ebay Youtube… etc. And you can also “click” and “Double Click”!!!

  2. proffybean said

    That application looks very promising Sara! I’ll try it out at work where I am beta testing Windows 7. I’d like to see how it compares to Microsoft’s offering and Dragon naturally speaking.

    I hope your hands get better, take care.

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