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Washington Ranked 99th by New York Times

washington-huskies In Paul Myerberg’s 120 team count down, the UW have come in at number 99, down from a 2008 preseason 63 for last year and up for #118 at the end of the 0-12 2008 season.  The review is exhaustive, well written, and a must read for every Huskies or Pac-10 football fan.

Paul asks:

But in the last five years, Washington has won a total of 12 games, and last season’s winless campaign stands as the lowest point in the long, storied history of the program. How could things possibly go so wrong?

That’s the question people will be asking for years, and much longer if the program fails to wash that bad taste of the last several years out of fans throats. He goes on the say what I’ve been saying for months:

I’m also willing to believe that the Huskies could perhaps take two Pac-10 games they’re not supposed to win.

Yup, people agree we are heading for a 4-8 season (assuming we beat Idaho and WSU, the only games we’ll be favored to win) – and this is only if Locker stays healthy.


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Odds on 2009 National Title

thumbnailCABO1SKY According to the Wiz (not the Seinfeld version) the odds are next year’s national title game will be (Florida && (Oklahoma || USC)) – in English, that’s Florida and Oklahoma or USC. There is also a fair chance of Texas or Ohio State – of the two, I’m putting my money on Texas. I’ve listed the top 13 here for your viewing pleasure. You can check out The Wiz’ home page to see the rest.

Rank School Odds
1 Florida 7/4
2 Oklahoma 5/1
2 USC 5/1
4 Texas 8/1
5 Ohio State 17/2
6 Oregon 20/1
6 LSU 20/1
6 Virginia Tech 20/1
9 Alabama 22/1
10 Florida State 30/1
10 Notre Dame 30/1
12 Penn State 35/1
12 Miami 35/1

However, since I enjoy blogging about the Pac-10, here are the odds on eight of the 10 Pac-10 schools. You will notice that Stanford and Washington State are not listed. I assume the odds of that were too low for the oddsmakers to bother.

Pac-10 School Odds
USC 5/1
Oregon 20/1
Cal 60/1
Arizona 100/1
Oregon State 100/1
Arizona State 150/1
UCLA 150/1
Washington 200/1

The Huskies are down there pretty far, to be honest I’m surprise they listed them at all. But I guess since they bothered – well that must mean something.

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UW Football Notes from Ian Peterson

Husky Helmet The bleacher report has some great articles on Husky football.  Ian has been busy!

Ian Peterson discusses his reasons for believing the Huskies offensive line will be better this season.

A bailout of sorts for season ticket holders? Very cool.

Will Sarkisian be successful at “putting a fence” around the state of Washington?

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WSU Cougars ranked at number 114

washington state

Paul Myerberg over at the quad blog is ranking all 120 NCAA College football teams (didn’t it used to be 119 teams?). He’s doing one team a day and last week the Washington State cougars showed up at number 114. This is the best in depth review of WSU I’ve read so far – it’s not a glowing article but it is fair. As expected, Washington State is the lowest ranked Pac-10 team although I expect the huskies to show up not too far behind.

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Should The NCAA Sanction USC?

FB_uscNick  Daschel blogs about the current USC football issue and over at buster sports. He claims that we should not punish USC for their recent NCAA infractions.

While I respect Mr. Daschel’s opinion, I strongly disagree. What I’m hearing is the same mantra I heard about financial institutions; we can’t punish USC simply because “USC is too big to fail”. In the 90s it was great for the Pac-10 to have two national powers, USC and Washington. But I don’t recall anyone going to bat for Washington. USC broke the rules, and they should be punished. If they lose scholarships it will only strengthen the other schools in the Pac-10.

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Pac-10 football revenue

money-bag_thumbnail According to, here is a ranking of the Pac-10 football programs total revenue. The University of Washington is right on top with $27 million per year. You’ll notice that USC and Stanford are missing from the rankings – I assume that’s because those schools are not public.

School Football Revenue
University of Washington $27,100,356
Oregon State University $22,377,743
UCLA $18,835,497
Arizona State University $18,115,367
Cal Berkeley $17,091,988
University of Oregon $16,718,754
University of Arizona $14,731,743
Washington State University $9,310,077


The biggest surprise to me is to see Oregon State at number 2. Where are they getting their money? They receive over $10 million a year in contributions! Who would have thunk? Go Beavers I guess 🙂

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Sarkisian releases video of new Husky uniforms

sark Steve sarkisian is shown unveiling the new uniforms in this youtube video. Although the pants are much less gold that I would have thought, I think they look great because they match the gold on the helmet. This was a very tasteful thoughtful design change. They’ve also added the same stripe seen on top of the helmet to the pants. All in all I think they look great. Let’s hope Sarkisian is play calling this year is as tasteful.

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