How to fund Husky Stadium


The failing of bill 6116 leaves the University of Washington with a $150 million problem. How will they fund their stadium renovation?  There are two simple things to think about.  The first is to raise ticket prices.  The second would be to tack on a small fee for each student’s quarterly tuition.

The football stadium holds 72,000 fans.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume each of their seven home games are sold out.  This might sound unlikely to some but back in the day, this was the norm.  Tacking on $10.00 per ticket would earn the university roughly five million dollars each year.

According to wikipedia the University of Washington currently has 42,000 registered students.  With a $20.00 per quarter “stadium tax” the university could raise $2.5 million a year.

Add them both together and at $7.5 million a year.  After only 20 years you have your $150 million.


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