Odds on 2009 National Title

thumbnailCABO1SKY According to the Wiz (not the Seinfeld version) the odds are next year’s national title game will be (Florida && (Oklahoma || USC)) – in English, that’s Florida and Oklahoma or USC. There is also a fair chance of Texas or Ohio State – of the two, I’m putting my money on Texas. I’ve listed the top 13 here for your viewing pleasure. You can check out The Wiz’ home page to see the rest.

Rank School Odds
1 Florida 7/4
2 Oklahoma 5/1
2 USC 5/1
4 Texas 8/1
5 Ohio State 17/2
6 Oregon 20/1
6 LSU 20/1
6 Virginia Tech 20/1
9 Alabama 22/1
10 Florida State 30/1
10 Notre Dame 30/1
12 Penn State 35/1
12 Miami 35/1

However, since I enjoy blogging about the Pac-10, here are the odds on eight of the 10 Pac-10 schools. You will notice that Stanford and Washington State are not listed. I assume the odds of that were too low for the oddsmakers to bother.

Pac-10 School Odds
USC 5/1
Oregon 20/1
Cal 60/1
Arizona 100/1
Oregon State 100/1
Arizona State 150/1
UCLA 150/1
Washington 200/1

The Huskies are down there pretty far, to be honest I’m surprise they listed them at all. But I guess since they bothered – well that must mean something.


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