Washington Ranked 99th by New York Times

washington-huskies In Paul Myerberg’s 120 team count down, the UW have come in at number 99, down from a 2008 preseason 63 for last year and up for #118 at the end of the 0-12 2008 season.  The review is exhaustive, well written, and a must read for every Huskies or Pac-10 football fan.

Paul asks:

But in the last five years, Washington has won a total of 12 games, and last season’s winless campaign stands as the lowest point in the long, storied history of the program. How could things possibly go so wrong?

That’s the question people will be asking for years, and much longer if the program fails to wash that bad taste of the last several years out of fans throats. He goes on the say what I’ve been saying for months:

I’m also willing to believe that the Huskies could perhaps take two Pac-10 games they’re not supposed to win.

Yup, people agree we are heading for a 4-8 season (assuming we beat Idaho and WSU, the only games we’ll be favored to win) – and this is only if Locker stays healthy.


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