BCS Playoff? Forget It!

bcs-trophy-756402 I think I’m in the minority here but I have no desire to see a BCS playoff in college football. I love the current bowl schedule and think it should be left alone. What’s my primary reason? It’s simple, the way the system is now half of the teams that go to bowls can end their season with a win. With a BCS playoff, such as this one, all the teams end their season with a loss except for one, the national champ. Who wants that? Even with a mediocre 7-5 season, a team can enjoy a hard fought win at the Sun or Aloha Bowl.

And what about arguments? East coast bias, BCS computer issues, etc… All come into play when discussing who the true national champion should be. Diehard fans need something to talk about in the off-season – why not the failure of the BCS System? Further, it makes rivalries that much more exciting. And what’s more enjoyable about college football than the rivalries?


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