Vuvuzela – The Worlds Most Annoying Horn


Arguably my biggest complaint concerning world soccer is these darn horns. Soccer fans around the globe seem to think it’s cool two below these tools incessantly throughout their favorite teams match. Whatever happened to simply cheering your team on with your own vocal cords? Artificial noisemakers are an unfair advantage IMHO. The traditional home field advantage should simply be a reflection of the hometown crowd’s enthusiasm for their team. I admire American sports for keeping cheering fans true. Although there have been rumors that certain teams “pipe in noise” to their stadium, the majority of sports stadiums have remained vocal cord powered (hereafter VCP).

This certainly hasn’t stopped VCP stadiums from becoming deafening home field advantages. Husky Stadium has seen noise as high as 135 decibels. And Oregon’s Autzen Stadium has been recorded at 127 decibels.

That’s all do the world a favor and ban the vuvuzela!


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