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They’re Grrrrreeat ?


Lions and Tigers and Bears… and Tigers and Tigers and Tigers and Tigers? Last year certainly wasn’t the year of the tiger – at least not in college football. There are five (!!) Div 1-A NCAA football teams sporting the tiger mascot – Memphis Tigers, Missouri Tigers, Auburn Tigers, Clemson Tigers, LSU Tigers. Each team had less than stellar years and didn’t live up to hopeful expectations.

Both Auburn and Clemson had dismal years dropping from number 12-> 75 and 11 -> 51 respectively according to the New York Times Quad Blog.

Missouri started in the top 10 but its national title hopes were dashed after tough losses to Oklahoma State and Texas.

LSU had national title hopes but lost to three ranked teams last year, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. They simply couldn’t win the big game.

And Memphis, well, they are well known for music – but not for football. No offense guys.

So will this be a better year for the Tigers? The Huskies hope not, as they take on the LSU Tigers the first weekend in September.


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Update On 2010 Recruiting Class

Washington Helmet I want to give another update on the recruiting trail. According to, Washington’s recruiting class has fallen out of the top 10 down to number 15. This is what I expected as the months rolled by as stated here. As far as ranking the Pac-10 recruiting classes, Washington is now in third place behind Stanford and USC. However if we break down the Pac-10 by the average of the recruit ranking we get a different result:

School Average Recruit Ranking
USC 3.64
Cal 3.33
Oregon 3.20
UCLA 3.14
Stanford 3.09
Washington 3.08
Arizona State 2.88
Oregon State 2.80
WSU (tie) 2.43
Arizona (tie) 2.43

Washington has moved into sixth place –right in the middle of the Pac-10 which is where I predicted they will end up.

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A Petite Burger?

Mini-meal I’ve learned that Red Robin allows their customers to downsize any burger on the menu (save the chicken burgers) to a petite size and subtract $1.00 from the cost of the burger. The petite burger is quite a bit smaller than your average Red Robin sandwich. How can someone do such a thing? My younger brother, unable to finish a normal sized burger, always orders the petite version. I can’t help but think waiters and waitresses see this as very feminine.

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Vacation Time!

Myvacation I will be on vacation for a week and half so don’t expect too many new posts over that time. I’ll be back in a few weeks to post more interesting observations and Huskies football material for my faithful readers!

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Why Do People Put Bumper Stickers On Their Cars?

stickers2 Besides being unsightly, bumper stickers lessen the pool of potential buyers when it’s time to sell. Let’s say you have an Obama sticker. Would a republican consider buying your ride? What about a Darwin fish? Would this offend a religious potential buyer? What about a “support our troops” bumper sticker? Would a peace activist think twice?

And what about a nice giant Washington Huskies ornament? You’d never sell your car in Eugene, OR. 😉

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Where’s The Beef Pac-10?

cow Jon Wilner ranks his top 12 teams in the Pac-10 over the past decade. You can read it here but the results are somewhat obvious. Most of the teams are USC. However, the rest of the spots are taken up by almost all northwest schools. That’s right, after USC it’s all Huskies, Cougars, Beavers, and Ducks with one showing by Cal. Where is the rest of the Pac-10? Where are the Arizona schools and Stanford and UCLA? Where’s the Beef Pac-10 ???

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Why Do I Clean Before My Maid Arrives?

maid Whenever my maid comes to clean my place I feel compelled to straighten up before they arrive. Why do I feel the need to clean when my maid is coming the next day? Is it like brushing your teeth before you go to the dentist? Or am I simply too ashamed to have anyone see my untidy house – even the maid. Oh well, at least hiring a maid service has encouraged me to maintain a cleaner place.

And my maid is good too. She even delicately wraps up my iPod USB cord! How’s that for service?

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