They’re Grrrrreeat ?


Lions and Tigers and Bears… and Tigers and Tigers and Tigers and Tigers? Last year certainly wasn’t the year of the tiger – at least not in college football. There are five (!!) Div 1-A NCAA football teams sporting the tiger mascot – Memphis Tigers, Missouri Tigers, Auburn Tigers, Clemson Tigers, LSU Tigers. Each team had less than stellar years and didn’t live up to hopeful expectations.

Both Auburn and Clemson had dismal years dropping from number 12-> 75 and 11 -> 51 respectively according to the New York Times Quad Blog.

Missouri started in the top 10 but its national title hopes were dashed after tough losses to Oklahoma State and Texas.

LSU had national title hopes but lost to three ranked teams last year, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. They simply couldn’t win the big game.

And Memphis, well, they are well known for music – but not for football. No offense guys.

So will this be a better year for the Tigers? The Huskies hope not, as they take on the LSU Tigers the first weekend in September.


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