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How Accurate Are Pac-10 Picks?

rightontarget Nick has done some interesting research concerning historical Pac-10 rankings. You can read about it here.  His point is basically this – preseason Pac-10 polls can be wildly inaccurate. How often do the Pac-10 preseason favorites finish in their projected order? The experts should be right on target, or at least pretty close, right?  Nicks research gives us:

During the past decade, not once did the teams projected to finish 1-2-3 in the Pac-10 actually end up among the top three. And that’s with the free spot that is USC. Only four times of the past 10 polls have even two of the three teams finished among the top three.


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Pac-10 Records Since Don James Retired

Don_James Washington is teetering on the edge of having a “17-year losing season” since the Dawgfather retired. How do other teams in the Pac-10 fair?

Team Wins Losses Ties Win Percent
USC 144 54 2 72%
Oregon 130 65 0 67%
UCLA 109 83 0 57%
Arizona State 107 84 0 56%
Oregon State 98 92 0 52%
Cal 97 94 0 51%
Arizona 95 93 0 51%
Washington 95 94 1 50%
Washington State 93 95 0 49%
Stanford 76 105 2 42%

No one is surprised to see USC on top, but Oregon is right up there with a winning percentage of 67%. You have to hand it to Mike Bellotti, he’s done a great job in Eugene. But did anyone expect to see a program like Washington’s near the bottom of the Pac-10? Barring a football miracle, Washington will most likely have a losing record this season. Most pundits are predicting 4 wins for the Dawgs. If that’s the case, Sarkisian will have his work cut out for him pulling this team out of the seller and back into the > .500 club.

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Steve Sarkisian At The Bottom Of The Pac?

Sark_Hope6 Nick Daschel ranks the Pac-10 coaches and the results could be down right shocking to Washington fans – if not offensive. No one is surprised that Carroll is on top, USC is as good as they’ve ever been. But Nick ranks Sarkisian at the bottom of the list, even below WSU’s still ineffective Paul Wulff. But I can understand his ranking. Sarkisian has never been the head honcho of any program and has yet to prove he can pull the Huskies out of thePac-10 cellar.

Husky nation is behind our new coach 100%. And for the first time in years things are looking up for the program. Steve is on a recruiting role and was the top of the nation when he signed one of the most sought after quarterbacks of 2010, Nick Montana. No need to mention who his father is. Enjoy this Obama like image of the coach who will hopefully take the UW to new heights.

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Buster Sports Ranking of Pac-10 Teams

thumbnailCAPNZE1C Buster Sports has ranked all 10 Pac-10 football teams in their 2009 countdown and here are the results. To be honest, there are no surprises here. Cal, Oregon, and Oregon State are ranked a little higher than the recent coaches poll, but USC is ranked one spot lower:


Buster Sports Ranking School
10 Cal
12 Oregon
20 Oregon State
26 Arizona
51 Arizona State
60 Stanford
89 Washington
105 Washington State

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Washington Huskies Notes

JRRid5AFS-Washington Nick Daschle outlines some Pac-10 story lines before the season. Here are the ones that include the Washington huskies:

  1. Will Jake Locker be able to adapt to Steve Sarkisian’s pro style offense?
  2. The Idaho game on September 12 is important to both Washington’s history and the Pac-10’s.
  3. USC at Washington on September 19 is a game no one will want to miss.
  4. There is a lot of money to be made by Steve Sarkisian.
  5. Washington can’t start the season early enough.

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Why LSU Is An Important Game

LSU_helmet There is a lot on the line for the browbeaten Huskies in the upcoming UW –vs- LSU game this September 5th. Sure there is pride and self-respect, but there is quite a bit else at risk for this team that hasn’t won since 2007. Here are just a few items to consider:

  • If the Dawgs lose they will have a 95-95-1 win-loss-tie record since Don James left the program in 1993. That’s a 17 year non-winning streak.
  • If they lose, they continue to hold the nation’s longest losing streak.
  • A loss gives the UW a 15 game losing streak – the longest in Pac-10 history.
  • It’s Sarkisian’s coming out party. This game may set the tone for the season. They don’t need to win but he needs to show that the Huskies can at least be competitive.
  • Our 2010 recruits will be there and need to see that Sarkisian is starting to turn things around. We don’t want these guys jumping ship before letter of intent day.
  • The national image of the Pac-10 and Washington is at stake. We must show that we are not a pushover team – even for a top 10 opponent.
  • Whatever momentum is started during that game can carry over through the rest of the season.
  • The pride of Husky Stadium is at stake – we need to show the SEC what a loud stadium sounds like!

Further evidence of the importance of this opening game is expressed by Ivan Maisel. He says quote

“…the Huskies will be better than anyone in Baton Rouge thinks.”

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