Is The Pac-10 The Strongest Conference?

thumbnailCABO1SKY The Coaches’ poll has been released today with four Pac-10 teams ranked in the top 25. They are:



Team Coaches Poll Rank
Cal 12
Oregon 14
Oregon State 25

It’s interesting to look at the breakdown of which conference has how many ranked teams. It looks like this

Conference # Ranked Teams % Ranked Teams
SEC 5 42%
Pac-10 4 40%
Big 12 4 33%
ACC 4 33%
Mountain West 3 33%
Independent 1 33%
Big 10 3 27%
WAC 1 11%

It comes as no surprise that the SEC is leading the way with 42%, It’s been a strong several years for this conference. Surprisingly, the Pac-10 comes up second with 40% of its teams in the top 25. Where does all this talk about a weak conference come from? The Big 12, ACC, Mountain West, and Independent conferences are all in a tie for third place with 1/3 of their teams ranked. The Big 10 is seventh with 27% and the WAC is in eighth place with 11% of their teams ranked in the top 25.

I guess we can say goodbye to the fallacy that the Pac-10 is a weak conference. In fact, if this were a normal or strong year for the Pac-10 we would see a combination of Washington, Arizona State, and or UCLA ranked. If we add any one of those teams the Pac-10 comes out on top. Perhaps the Pac-10 should be considered as the strongest conference?

As a side note, according to this poll Washington will play 6 ranked teams this year.  Pretty tough schedule.


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