Why LSU Is An Important Game

LSU_helmet There is a lot on the line for the browbeaten Huskies in the upcoming UW –vs- LSU game this September 5th. Sure there is pride and self-respect, but there is quite a bit else at risk for this team that hasn’t won since 2007. Here are just a few items to consider:

  • If the Dawgs lose they will have a 95-95-1 win-loss-tie record since Don James left the program in 1993. That’s a 17 year non-winning streak.
  • If they lose, they continue to hold the nation’s longest losing streak.
  • A loss gives the UW a 15 game losing streak – the longest in Pac-10 history.
  • It’s Sarkisian’s coming out party. This game may set the tone for the season. They don’t need to win but he needs to show that the Huskies can at least be competitive.
  • Our 2010 recruits will be there and need to see that Sarkisian is starting to turn things around. We don’t want these guys jumping ship before letter of intent day.
  • The national image of the Pac-10 and Washington is at stake. We must show that we are not a pushover team – even for a top 10 opponent.
  • Whatever momentum is started during that game can carry over through the rest of the season.
  • The pride of Husky Stadium is at stake – we need to show the SEC what a loud stadium sounds like!

Further evidence of the importance of this opening game is expressed by Ivan Maisel. He says quote

“…the Huskies will be better than anyone in Baton Rouge thinks.”


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