Pac-10 Records Since Don James Retired

Don_James Washington is teetering on the edge of having a “17-year losing season” since the Dawgfather retired. How do other teams in the Pac-10 fair?

Team Wins Losses Ties Win Percent
USC 144 54 2 72%
Oregon 130 65 0 67%
UCLA 109 83 0 57%
Arizona State 107 84 0 56%
Oregon State 98 92 0 52%
Cal 97 94 0 51%
Arizona 95 93 0 51%
Washington 95 94 1 50%
Washington State 93 95 0 49%
Stanford 76 105 2 42%

No one is surprised to see USC on top, but Oregon is right up there with a winning percentage of 67%. You have to hand it to Mike Bellotti, he’s done a great job in Eugene. But did anyone expect to see a program like Washington’s near the bottom of the Pac-10? Barring a football miracle, Washington will most likely have a losing record this season. Most pundits are predicting 4 wins for the Dawgs. If that’s the case, Sarkisian will have his work cut out for him pulling this team out of the seller and back into the > .500 club.


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