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The Montlake Miracle!

I thought I’d post a few fan videos of Dawg Fans rushing the field in Saturdays stunning 16-13 upset of 3rd ranked USC.





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Where’s the W?

Polk Looks like Washington starting back Chris Polk had the ‘W’ ripped off of his helmet during the Idaho game last Saturday. That’s okay, he didn’t need a ‘W’ on his helmet – they ended the day with one on the scoreboard 😉 !



UPDATE:  After doing a little research, here is some background information from Coach Sark’s blog:

Stripes are applied first, starting at the front of the helmet and working back. Proper tension is the key to eliminating bubbles. The logos go on next, with the base of each “W” lining up with the top of the face mask and the back legs of the letters sitting halfway over the ear holes.

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How Old Is Kavario?


So how old is Kavario Middleton? Apparently the 6’6” Washington tight end was born at the turn of the century – last century that is, in 1900. Someone has butterfingers!

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Huskies WIN!!!

Husky Flowers Yesterday I witnessed the end of the nation’s longest college football losing streak. Washington defeated Idaho handedly 42-23 in front of a crowd of barely 59,000. Sarkisian received his first win and Gatorade bath as the head coach of the Huskies. In honor of their triumph I planted purple and gold flowers to show off my Husky spirit!  Go Dawgs!

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A Little Humor…

album_cover_emo_phillips-300x299 Courtesy of Emo Phillips. “You often see the Moon during the daytime but you never see the Sun at night. Do you know why? Because the sun is professional.”

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LeGarrette Blount Suspended For Season

Lagarrette Punch If you’re reading this blog, then you know what happened at last night’s nationally televised Boise State –vs –Oregon game on ESPN. Unable to lay down his @$*woopin’ as promised, LeGarrette Blount left the game with a right hook to the jaw of BSU linebacker Byron Hout instead. A few moments later he was ready to take on the Boise State fans themselves. For this reason, U of O has suspended the star tailback for the rest of the season.

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Why Washington Will Not Return To Dominance

Okay, I’m playing Devils Advocate for this post- pessimist hat on!….

  • 47080-h-56-c Need a great coach. We will need a coach as great as Don James (153-57-2), Gil Dobie (58-0-3). Rick Neuheusel and Jim Lambright were good, but not great. Jim Owens had his years but his final W/L percent was 55%. In the modern era Washington has had six coaches not counting Sarkisian. That’s the one in six chance of having another Don James.
  • No longer owns the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon schools have grown too good and WSU has had some great teams – they are no longer “the other” Washington team.
  • Recruiting recruiting recruiting. The UW needs to get solid recruits from Southern California. With USC as dominant as it is, in the best players will always go there. Washington was able to grow dominant when USC became somewhat lack-luster.
  • Their reputation. Washington has been down for too long. Most of the young recruits weren’t born when Washington dominated the Pac-10 and was one of the few dominant teams in the country were in third and fourth grade the last time Washington was “good”.
  • Other Pac-10 Coaches. Some of the best coaches in the Pac-10 are still active to this day. Pete Carroll (USC), Mike Bellotti (now the AD at Oregon), Mike Riley (OSU), Jeff Tedford (Cal), and Dennis Erickson (ASU). Just have a look at this post from Jon Wilner. When Don James was coaching he was without a doubt the best coach in the Pac-10. It’s improbable that we get a coach as good as, if not better, than the above.

I think Washington can return to competitiveness. I see them becoming a solid team; one that can consistently go 6-6 to 8-4 during the regular season. I can see being nationally ranked, but rarely above number 20. Dominance means we consistently see a record of 9-3 or better and consistently finish in the top two or three of the Pac-10.  Sure, I’d love to see this but I’m a realist. I’m behind Sarkisian all the way, but I’m not going to fool myself nor will I view Washington through “Rose Bowl” colored glasses.

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