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The Best Werewolf Movies


The Best Ones

  • American Werewolf in London – A unanimous choice among horror movie buffs. The transformation scene stands on it’s own.
  • Dog Soldiers – Think Predator with werewolves mixed in.  Fantastic!
  • Ginger Snaps 1 – This movie was also ranked among the top horror movies of the 2000s
  • The Howling 1 – Another classic with a transformation scene as remarkable as American Werewolf in London’s
  • Silver Bullet  – A Stephen King story staring the late Corey Haim (RIP) and Gary Busey.  A fun summer break werewolf story told from a childs point of view.

The Good Ones

  • American Werewolf in Paris – Not surprisingly it’s very similar to AWiL.  While many horror movie buffs will rate it harshly, I feel it stands on it’s own as an enjoyable movie.
  • Cursed – Had a great time watching this movie.  While helping a motorist late one night, a brother and sister are attacked by a large animal. Guess what?  It wasn’t a rabid dog.
  • Underworld Series – Fun Vampire vs. Werewolf series. If you haven’t heard of them you probably shouldn’t be reading this post.
  • Ginger Snaps 2,3 – Not as good as the first one, but what sequels are? Still enjoyed them.
  • Van Helsing – I did enjoy this movie has there are plenty of monsters to go around. I was a little turned off by the CGI however, but nobody’s perfect.
  • Skinwalkers  – An enjoyable story about a family of “good” werewolves –vs- bad werewolves.  Doesn’t hurt that it stars Sarah Carter.
  • The Howling 5
  • Teen Wolf – Isn’t your typical werewolf movie but it is filled with fun 80’s cheesiness – and I can’t say no to that.
  • The Beast of Bray Road – Loved this movie.  Didn’t get great ratings, but hey, it’s based on a “true event”.
  • Never Cry Werewolf – I will definitely take some heat for this from the hardcore werewolf lovers, but I did enjoy this film. Sure it’s more of a PG-13 flick and meant for teens, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.
  • Bad Moon – This is a short, often overlooked werewolf film. While low budget, the mechanical werewolf has plenty of character. But the unique twist to this movie is the protagonist – It’s a German shepherd named Thor.

The Okay Ones

  • The Howling (2,3,4,& 6)
  • Teen Wolf Too
  • The Company of Wolves
  • Wolf
  • The Curse of the Werewolf
  • The Wolf Man
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf – The movie is a lot different than one would thing, doesn’t have much to do with the modern notion of a “werewolf” at all.
  • Blood and Chocolate

The Bad Ones

  • Wolfen – Sure I’ve heard great things about this film, but I could hardly keep myself awake!
  • Dark Wolf – Ugh, don’t get me started.  How do movies like this get funding?

Other Movies With Werewolves

  • The Monster Squad
  • Waxworks (Has a fantastic werewolf scene)
  • Ladyhawke
  • Fright Night II (Has a werewolf in it)


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Mossberg: “The Best Version Of Windows”

windows7 “I believe it is the best version of Windows Microsoft has produced.” – so says Walt Mossberg in his October 7th review. Too bad he didn’t mention my favorite feature, speech recognition! You can read his review here.

From – “It is arguably the fastest, most intuitive, and most useful consumer desktop OS on the market today”

David Pogue says in the New York Times – “Windows 7 is a different story. It keeps what’s good about Windows Vista, like security, stability and generous eye candy, and addresses much of what people disliked.”

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Notre Dame Down On Their Knees?

It was pretty clear to even the casual observer of Saturdays Washington at Notre Dame game that the Irish failed to convert on their 2-pointer after scoring a touchdown in the final minutes of the 4th quarter, as seen in the image below.


But what do the college football pundits think?  Here is a clip from ESPN:

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