Rudest Fans In The Pac-10?

duck_whine ESPN did a quick survey of the Pac-10 fan base. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the Pac-10 – Oregon fans are ranked as the rudeest in the Pac-10. Twice as rude as the second place Trojans.

Rude fans

Even Mike Bellotti chimed in:

This is why security will be beefed up on Thursday. And why Bellotti and Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis have considered shooting a joint video, and maybe adding Governor Ted Kulongoski, to promote what Bellotti calls a positive, passionate atmosphere.

“I want to change it,” Bellotti says. “I take it as a challenge to all of us.”

When confronted with this poll many duck fans responded at addicktedtoquack:

eff the Huskies

I’m not surprised that we were voted rudest, unfortunately. We’ve a lot of young whippersnappers who have not perspective and drink a lot. Now get off my lawn.

A fellow quacker got so drunk he started dropping f bombs and had to be escorted when one of the mama bears for Okie State got in his face and told him to shut up (she had two young boys). He told me, “man, the duck fans are a little obnoxious.

Jon Wilner writes about their inappropriate student section:

They held offensive signs and showered Love with insults, some of them reportedly homophobic, that went far beyond “it’s part of the game” classification.

This was hardly the first time the students have behaved like jack—-. It’s not all of them; it’s probably only a few; but it has happened repeatedly over the years.

As one Oregon official said: “It’s an ongoing thing to get our students to behave properly.”

Nick Daschel writes on his blog:

But in a survey of just about every person I know, Duck fans are the most annoying, entitled fans in the Pac-10. It’s really not close. I hate to lump all Oregon fans into one group, because some of them get it, that they are where they are because of Phil Knight’s deep, deep pockets. But too many of them don’t. We are Oregon, we are owed success, and if you don’t understand our superiority, then blank you. Here’s a news flash: without Knight, you’re Oregon State.

Some random quotes I found on other duck message boards:

My friend from USC was sitting next to me on Halloween (decked out in Trojan gear), and I have to say I was totaly embarrassed by the treatment he endured all game. He left in the 3rd quarter because he couldn’t stand it any longer.

but I have to say that about 10% of our fans act like Neanderthals hooked on Meth. It’s totally sad and embarrassing.

If I were an opposing fan, I would not visit Autzen, at least not wearing my team’s colors. I was at the ASU game last weekend and we sat in the ‘visitor’s’ section. I saw two ASU fans sitting in that section. Both were berrated by intoxicated Duck fans.

Family friendly we are not. I will only bring my young son to the Spring game. As for all other games there are way too many drunks and idiots swearing at the top of their lungs. I would like to see the SEC “if you leave, you don’t come back” rule.

If a Duck fan is mistreated in Berkeley, or in Palo Alto, it’s his own damn fault. If a Duck fan is mistreated at the Rose Bowl or the Coliseum, ditto. Dare to stop and take a look; the picture we see in the mirror is shameful as we attend games outside the NW.

I have had great experiences at all the Pac-10 schools mostly because I engage the opposing fans respectfully and humorously. Autzen fans could learn from this.

As a life long Duck fan, I will say that I am a bit disappointed by the behavior or some of our young drunk college students. Lots of swearing …

It’s clear we are rude, obnoxius, and just plain unprofessional. Let’s clean it up. I’ve been saying for the past few years we’ve really gone south on our sportsmanship and decency and it’s clear EVERYONE thinks so as well. Ducks have just become rude. Look at Blount. Look at our reaction to Blount. It’s clear across the board people perceive us very badly. Maybe we need to clean it up and be humbled some?

From the dailyEmerald:

… the level of class in Autzen Stadium was still astonishingly low on Halloween. Yes, I was one of the four SC fans not sitting in the designated SC section, and there were moments when I thought I would be socked in the face à la LeGarrette Blount for applauding a USC touchdown.

Did I expect courteous hospitality? Not at all. I live in Seattle and have heard all the stories from Husky fans. I expected passionate, loud, and rowdy, but at least intelligent football fans. What I experienced were loud, delusional, insecure, and offensive fans.


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