Images of a renovated Husky Stadium

View from the 520 bridge direction:


View from Press box:


South end:


View from South-side lower bowl:


View form east end bleachers


View of stadium looking out at Lake Washington:


You can easily see the change in the old “U-shaped” horseshoe:




  1. LuvsDawgs said

    These pictures rock! I wish renovation were starting today. Can’t wait to rush the field again. How soon till we start building?

    • proffybean said

      If all goes well (HB 2912 passes and King Co. allots money to Husky Stadium) renovation will start in December of next year. After ~20 months of work, the renovated stadium will be ready for the 2012 season – opening against Portland State.

      • Joe blaser said

        wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!! im pumped for it. I am gonna play on that field in 2015

  2. Mr. Me said

    Where do these renderings come from? Are these actual construction possibilities? or just someone drawing for fun? Whats the estimated capacity? These are amazing, by the way, I just dont wanna get too excited if it isn’t real….

  3. LT said

    Any hope of public funding is a pipe dream. The State and County are broke, and barely able to provide for basic education and other vital services. The money will have to come from private sources, and that will take several years. I’m not optimistic about the renovation being completed in the forseeable future. Perhaps some type of bonding against contributions and pledges could accelerate the process.

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