Remember The Apple Cup!

Apple-Cup-logo The tant “oh and twelve” will continue to be uttered by Coug fans for years to come. If you feel the need to respond, don’t be afraid to shout back “oh and thirty”, the score of this year’s Apple Cup. And while you’re doing that, here are some other phrases you can use to puzzle WSU fans:

  • “461 – 163” – The total number of yards the Huskies rolled up vs the Cougs offensive output.
  • “6.6 – 1.7” – Washington’s yards per carry vs. Washington State’s.
  • “1964” – The year of the last Apple Cup shutout.
  • “3” – The number of QBs WSU had to rotate throughout the game due to the relentless attack of Washington’s defense.
  • 0” – The number of times WSU has won three Apple Cups in a row.
  • “65-31” – The current Apple Cup record (UW has 65 wins, WSU 31).
  • “3-22” – The Cougars record the last two years.

And finally:

  • “1916” – The last time WSU won the Rose Bowl.

Can’t wait ‘till next year!


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