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30th Anniversary Of The Sony Walkman

sony_walkman Yep, this will certainly make you feel old. The Sony Walkman is 30 years old. The iPod of its day, Sony’s new device was one of the most amazing pieces of consumer electronics anyone had seen. Every child of the 80s had one, or two, or three – depending on how often you dropped it. Sony was to us what Apple is for today’s youth. In fact a few decades ago, Steve Jobs said he would like Apple to become the Sony of its day.

And who can forget the accompanying cassette tapes? Everyone had a bag of tapes to carry with them wherever they went. Vacation/road trips/the school bus/in your bedroom while doing homework – every Cassette2 occasion could be accompanied by your favorite music.  Sure they eventually wore out and sometimes the tape would get caught up in the electronics but it was only a mild annoyance.

VCRs, personal computers, and Walkmans – it felt like we were the most technologically advanced people on earth – and we were for the times. But to the young generation now an 80s child doesn’t look so hip.

Now don’t you just feel old?


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