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Fun Size? Yeah, Right…

I just had myself a “fun size” peanut m&m bag. There were only eight m&m’s in this “fun” sized little yellow bag. Let me tell you something, getting only eight m&m’s is no fun.


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A Petite Burger?

Mini-meal I’ve learned that Red Robin allows their customers to downsize any burger on the menu (save the chicken burgers) to a petite size and subtract $1.00 from the cost of the burger. The petite burger is quite a bit smaller than your average Red Robin sandwich. How can someone do such a thing? My younger brother, unable to finish a normal sized burger, always orders the petite version. I can’t help but think waiters and waitresses see this as very feminine.

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Why Do People Put Bumper Stickers On Their Cars?

stickers2 Besides being unsightly, bumper stickers lessen the pool of potential buyers when it’s time to sell. Let’s say you have an Obama sticker. Would a republican consider buying your ride? What about a Darwin fish? Would this offend a religious potential buyer? What about a “support our troops” bumper sticker? Would a peace activist think twice?

And what about a nice giant Washington Huskies ornament? You’d never sell your car in Eugene, OR. 😉

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Why Do I Clean Before My Maid Arrives?

maid Whenever my maid comes to clean my place I feel compelled to straighten up before they arrive. Why do I feel the need to clean when my maid is coming the next day? Is it like brushing your teeth before you go to the dentist? Or am I simply too ashamed to have anyone see my untidy house – even the maid. Oh well, at least hiring a maid service has encouraged me to maintain a cleaner place.

And my maid is good too. She even delicately wraps up my iPod USB cord! How’s that for service?

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Sig Stealer?

hancocksignaturelg I’ve noticed more and more people stealing my email signature this past year. I’ve put a lot of work into the look of my sig and sometimes I can get a little chagrined when I see another signature similar to it. If this were a Seinfeld episode, such behavior would warrant a label. I think the phrase “Sig Stealer” is appropriate here. I can see the banter between Jerry and Elaine now:

Elaine: Get this, at work today I got an email from a coworker that contained the signature almost identical to mine!

Jerry: Identical? The font? The text?

Elaine: Even the color is the same!

Jerry: (smugly) But he did change the name I assume…

Elaine: Of course!

Jerry: So he stole you John Hancock…Well then, that makes him a sig stealer.

Elaine: A sig stealer? Yeah, he’s a real sig stealer!

Oh well, I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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What’s Up With Dual E-mail Accounts?

email I can’t figure out why so many married couples have joint email accounts. I’m talking about or It’s impossible to mail just one of them. How do I email Susie about John’s surprise birthday party? And when I get email from them I often can’t tell who sent it. This is driving me nuts.

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