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Left hand update

My doctor gave me my final steroid injection in the knuckle of my left hands index finger.  It’s a strange sight to see a needle embedded deep in your hand.  As those few CC’s of liquid were injected I could feel my finger blowing up like a water balloon!  The soreness is almost gone but my hand doesn’t feel a whole lot better :-(.


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My shot went fine. The two Xanax and a lot of ice on my hand seemed to help. I could actually feel the injection going into my finger. It almost fell like my hand was a rubber glove been filled up with air. Now all I have to do is wait and hope for the best.

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Cortisone shot time

syringe Today is the big day; I’m having cortisone injected into my right hand.  I’m freaked out about it so I’m planning on taking some old Xanax that I have lying around.  Normally I’ve used it for flying, but I figure anxiety is anxiety.  I’m a little worried about driving – will I be able to drive to and from my doctor’s office after getting all doped up?

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This is my first post in my blog about my journey through tendonitis rehab.  Starting tomorrow I will begin a series of cortisone injections in my right hand.  Using this blog, I will document the effectiveness of this procedure and what I’m doing to rehabilitate myself.  Read the rest of this entry »

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