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Huskies Finish 3rd in Pac-10

The last year of the Pac-10’s existence saw the Huskies, just two years ago finishing in 10th place, climb back to 3rd.


For the first time since 2002, the storied Washington Huskies will go bowling this winter!  Next year we will find ourselves in the Pac-12 with the addition of Colorado and Utah, two quality programs.


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Washington Football Pac-10 Losing Streaks


Pac-10 Team Last UW Win Losing Streak (games) Last Away Win
ASU 2001 6 2001
Oregon State 2003 6 2003
Oregon 2003 6 2002
UCLA 2006 3 1995
Stanford 2007 2 2007
Cal 2009 0 2001
USC 2009 0 1996
Arizona 2009 0 2006
WSU 2009 0 2006


Non-Conf Team Last UW Win Losing Streak Last Away Win
Nebraska 1992 2 1991
BYU 1998 2 1997
Syracuse 2007 0 2007

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The Best Werewolf Movies


The Best Ones

  • American Werewolf in London – A unanimous choice among horror movie buffs. The transformation scene stands on it’s own.
  • Dog Soldiers – Think Predator with werewolves mixed in.  Fantastic!
  • Ginger Snaps 1 – This movie was also ranked among the top horror movies of the 2000s
  • The Howling 1 – Another classic with a transformation scene as remarkable as American Werewolf in London’s
  • Silver Bullet  – A Stephen King story staring the late Corey Haim (RIP) and Gary Busey.  A fun summer break werewolf story told from a childs point of view.

The Good Ones

  • American Werewolf in Paris – Not surprisingly it’s very similar to AWiL.  While many horror movie buffs will rate it harshly, I feel it stands on it’s own as an enjoyable movie.
  • Cursed – Had a great time watching this movie.  While helping a motorist late one night, a brother and sister are attacked by a large animal. Guess what?  It wasn’t a rabid dog.
  • Underworld Series – Fun Vampire vs. Werewolf series. If you haven’t heard of them you probably shouldn’t be reading this post.
  • Ginger Snaps 2,3 – Not as good as the first one, but what sequels are? Still enjoyed them.
  • Van Helsing – I did enjoy this movie has there are plenty of monsters to go around. I was a little turned off by the CGI however, but nobody’s perfect.
  • Skinwalkers  – An enjoyable story about a family of “good” werewolves –vs- bad werewolves.  Doesn’t hurt that it stars Sarah Carter.
  • The Howling 5
  • Teen Wolf – Isn’t your typical werewolf movie but it is filled with fun 80’s cheesiness – and I can’t say no to that.
  • The Beast of Bray Road – Loved this movie.  Didn’t get great ratings, but hey, it’s based on a “true event”.
  • Never Cry Werewolf – I will definitely take some heat for this from the hardcore werewolf lovers, but I did enjoy this film. Sure it’s more of a PG-13 flick and meant for teens, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.
  • Bad Moon – This is a short, often overlooked werewolf film. While low budget, the mechanical werewolf has plenty of character. But the unique twist to this movie is the protagonist – It’s a German shepherd named Thor.

The Okay Ones

  • The Howling (2,3,4,& 6)
  • Teen Wolf Too
  • The Company of Wolves
  • Wolf
  • The Curse of the Werewolf
  • The Wolf Man
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf – The movie is a lot different than one would thing, doesn’t have much to do with the modern notion of a “werewolf” at all.
  • Blood and Chocolate

The Bad Ones

  • Wolfen – Sure I’ve heard great things about this film, but I could hardly keep myself awake!
  • Dark Wolf – Ugh, don’t get me started.  How do movies like this get funding?

Other Movies With Werewolves

  • The Monster Squad
  • Waxworks (Has a fantastic werewolf scene)
  • Ladyhawke
  • Fright Night II (Has a werewolf in it)


  • Werewolf

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Buster Sports Ranking of Pac-10 Teams

thumbnailCAPNZE1C Buster Sports has ranked all 10 Pac-10 football teams in their 2009 countdown and here are the results. To be honest, there are no surprises here. Cal, Oregon, and Oregon State are ranked a little higher than the recent coaches poll, but USC is ranked one spot lower:


Buster Sports Ranking School
10 Cal
12 Oregon
20 Oregon State
26 Arizona
51 Arizona State
60 Stanford
89 Washington
105 Washington State

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Why Do I Clean Before My Maid Arrives?

maid Whenever my maid comes to clean my place I feel compelled to straighten up before they arrive. Why do I feel the need to clean when my maid is coming the next day? Is it like brushing your teeth before you go to the dentist? Or am I simply too ashamed to have anyone see my untidy house – even the maid. Oh well, at least hiring a maid service has encouraged me to maintain a cleaner place.

And my maid is good too. She even delicately wraps up my iPod USB cord! How’s that for service?

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The Most Important Second Of The Day

Jeans_zipper_closeup You know that split second between snapping the top snap on your jeans and zipping up your zipper? That’s a critical for us all; if you have a brain fart during this critical second you can forget to zip your zipper. You end up waiting for a kind coworker to give you the “XYZ-PDQ” – eXamine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick!

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